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Ron Pyke


Whether you are a start-up or well established company, you need to fully understand your financial position to help you accomplish your strategic objectives. Through financial modeling, I leverage your company data to help you increase profits, cash flow, working capital, and net worth.

I assist you in gaining clarity over your financial situation so that you can make better decisions and plan your company’s future, showing you where and when to take action.

My approach helps you reach below the surface with best practices in business modeling, forecasting, and analysis to ensure financial transparency. You’ll have the information you need to forecast cash, project revenue, control expenses and plan for the future.

As your Fractional CFO, I provide on-going assistance to understand your company’s accounting and finance; I offer responsive and innovative strategies to help you analyze financial data for better decision making.

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I have a variety of accounting strategies to meet your business financial needs.

Financial Reporting

The ability to make an accurate assessment of your company’s financial position is critical to operational success. I work with your team to develop and initiate a suite of reliable financial reports, dashboards and scorecards essential to monitor your key performance indicators (KPI’s).

  • Establishment of automated financial reports, executive dashboards and scorecards.
  • Analysis of KPI’s, including a financial health evaluation and improvement plan.
  • Development of forecasts and budgets
  • Preparation of management summaries and analytical reviews with recommendations for improvement

Profit Improvement

I work to put in place processes to assess where value is being lost and what options exist to reduce or eliminate that loss. These measurement programs help you determine the real cost of running your business.

  • Analysis of cost structures and competitive data.
  • Development of cost/overhead reduction strategies and wasteful practices.
  • Analysis of pricing and revenue generating opportunities.
  • Presentation of financial modeling and ROI evaluation for new products, facilities and investments.

Strategic Planning

Preparation of investment and budget initiatives.

  • Determination of working capital and equity needs.
  • Creation of long-term forecasts, income statements and balance sheets.
  • Evaluation and job costing of new business opportunities.

Growth & Exit

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Capitalization & LOC (Line of Credit)
  • Financial modeling and ROI evaluation of products, facilities, investments and services.



Bryan Dolan

Ron is the person I can talk to about financial and operational decisions. One of my biggest realizations has been that I was growing the business from the outside and not the inside, and I knew I needed the inside to grow. Ron reviewed all our numbers and books. Our expenses and revenues weren’t being posted or booked right, and he came in and fixed that. Now we’re able to see, budget and expense everything out. We have a clear picture of our strengths and weaknesses, and we’re able to forecast. Ron continuously evaluates what our office does. He has guided and directed our employees so they can be more productive. Ron treats our business as if it’s his own, and he wants to see it succeed. He has us working like a corporation rather than a Mom and Pop shop. Ron is trustworthy, ethical and understands how to make a business more efficient. 

Bryan DolanPresident, Dolan Directional
Michael Swiercinsky

Ron is very professional, personable and knowledgeable. I needed help with budgeting and an overall understanding as to whether I’m analyzing my business and budget in a proper manner. Ron went through my bookkeeping and reported to me what he saw within my business. He was able to sit down and tell me where I’m at and where I’m going. To me there’s a lot of value in that. Ron gave me a real foundation on how to review my business on a monthly basis. We are much more on top of our financial picture. It’s nice to have a guy with a lot of honesty and integrity. 

Michael SwiercinskyPartner/Principal, Sky Interests Corp.
Jim Winblood

Ron has a lot of practical experience in the C-suite. Ron did our Stage 1 business model and helped us put together our pro forma financial statements for a complete Private Placement Memorandum. Now, we are prepared to attract business investment dollars to be able to fund a national scale start-up. Ron is collaborative and everybody likes working with him. He’s an honest, straight shooter with good values. I can trust him. 

Jim WinbloodPrincipal, The Foundry
Jim Winblood

Ron is our fractional CFO for Mom’s Best Friend of Dallas/Ft. Worth and Colorado. He is helping us dramatically improve our financial management practices. We’re more dialed-in to our numbers with Ron’s assistance and our performance is improving accordingly. Ron’s a sharp, friendly guy with a lot of experience. He speaks the language of entrepreneurs and accountants and seems to understand both personality types well and that helps a lot. He is an important part of our team. 

Jim WinbloodOwner, Mom's Best Friend
David Williams

Ron’s help was instrumental in helping us finally understand how to do the finances – the books – properly. Our finances were a mess. We were looking for someone with a high level financial background to give us guidance to do our month end. Ron helped us see where our inconsistencies were. He can look through the books and ask ‘What’s wrong with this?’ He woke us up. I learned more about how our system generates GL entries. We have reliable information day-to-day because of the process that was put in place. I can feel confident the numbers are accurate. 

David WilliamsGeneral Manager, GSI Highway Products
Rick Pietrykowski

I had high expectations, and Ron Pyke met them. He gave me a proposal and did exactly what he said he would do. Ron brought to our business an understanding of key business ratios, how they relate to operating a profitable business, and how they are perceived by bankers and venture capitalists. We’re managing our business more intelligently. Our financial position is stronger, and we can prove it when necessary. Ron introduced me to a number of reliable professionals in his personal network: bankers, insurance advisors, etc. I would definitely recommend Ron. 

Rick PietrykowskiPresident, Surface Armor LLC
J. Nathan Vaughn

I recommend Ron Pyke without hesitation. He produced a scrolling budget model that was different from what we were currently using. I can see comparative numbers side-by-side. It’s objective. It’s matter of fact. I had been too close to the business. Now I am able to see more objectively and make calculated decisions. Ron is a perceptive individual who cares. He has been a tremendous resource for help in the way of general advice and counsel. Ron was able to be a mentor and be objective but also empathize. That’s the litmus test of a good consultant. 

J. Nathan VaughnPresident, Bluum Outdoor Environments LLC
Ken Reiser

I’d definitely recommend Ron Pyke to anybody. I had no one who could do a good financial analysis and help me make important decisions. Ron helped me evaluate the contribution of our accounting leadership and helped us establish a cash flow forecasting model, a dashboard for KPI’s and an accounting calendar. Also, he introduced us to some potential customers, and we make a big sale with one of them. Ron came on board with a focus on one thing, and we found other things that needed his attention. Our company ended up being better for it. 

Ken ReiserPresident, Meletio Lighting
Jason Lewis

I would recommend Ron Pyke without a second thought at all. Not too many people can come in and understand a business as quickly as he did. We needed a good strategy and long-term planning. Ron set up a custom accounting program and trued up our numbers. Now we close our books on the 8th of the month and report to the owner on the 10th of the month. It allowed me to move from Vice President of Operations to COO. Ron has a great resume and is very credible. 

Jason LewisCOO, Greenscape Pump Co.
Deborah Petty

My best advice for anyone thinking of hiring Ron Pyke is to do it. His overall understanding of the business cycle has been very, very valuable. Ron took a good hard look at our financials and restructured the process. He’s highly focused not just on the here and now, but on a bigger picture- very much on future growth. The mentorship has been invaluable. That’s a tangible thing we needed. Ron helps the company be more profitable through his mentoring and coaching. He’s not afraid to hold me accountable. I make better decisions now. 

Deborah PettyOwner, Rackmount Solutions, Inc.


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